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If you’re looking to support your body, recover faster and be at the top of your game, MassageRx offers expert Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy in Hamilton with Carey Giddens.

Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy aren’t just used as a cure for muscle tightness and soreness, it’s also a valuable diagnostic and injury prevention tool.

Anyone who participates in physical activity can benefit from targeted massage – professional athletes and social sports players, through to fitness enthusiasts or even those just trying to make it through the workday and juggle family – more and more people are incorporating regular massage into their lives.

Targeted massage enhances flexibility, supports your body for quicker recovery after strenuous exercise and helps prevent new injuries.


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“I had really severe tension headache, dizziness, muscle spasms and general lack of energy/concentration prior to seeing you. The headache had at that point escalated to a level where I was feeling nauseous/throwing up from the pain and dizziness. I was taking paracetamol and ibuprofen around the clock as well to manage the pain/headaches. I could not really function effectively or safely at work. It also meant that when I was not at work/on my days off, I was just resting and not able to really pursue my own hobbies or get basic household chores done! With the initial intense treatment and ongoing maintenance sessions, I am now not on any pain medications at all, and I have not experienced any further tension headaches/dizziness and nausea for a few weeks now. I am able to now get on with life/work with more energy as well. “
– Lily Chau, Veterinarian 


“I originally saw Carey for neck and trapezius pain that had been on and off for years. The symptoms affected my sleep, my work as a doctor and my training. I would often have spasms during the night requiring me to take medication to even be able to get off to sleep. My neck would ‘go out’ regularly post a workout or during work. This affected my performance in these areas to a great degree. Carey’s massage helped relieve the pain but his expertise also helped us get the root of the problem. We worked on more than just massage but movement patterns and recruitment of other muscles. My acute attacks have greatly decreased and when they are flaring up I am aware of them and can nip them in the bud fast with a quick trip to see Carey again!”
– Dr Christina Sunderland, ENT Specialist, CrossFit Athlete 


“I was having problems with my back. I could constantly feel it but the main triggers for me were the movement in my neck and breathing. I avoided training or pushing myself at training as I did not want to aggravate it or make it worse. This was also affecting my mental health as working out is a way for me to release a lot of my stresses. I was finding this incredibly frustrating. Carey looked at every angle to relieve the pain I was feeling in my back and to find answers for why it was happening. Regular check ins both in-person and online over lockdown really helped me keep on top of what carey wanted me to do to keep my body in the best state it could be. Both massaging, laser and referrals out to physio and chiropractors all helped with my recovery and I am forever grateful for Careys services and commitment to my treatment.”
– Jahna Bell, Group Fitness Instructor and CrossFit Athlete



Benefits of Targeted Massage

There are many benefits to targeted massage therapy – our expert therapists utilise many different techniques that will support specific needs.

When you’re experiencing pain and discomfort, Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy can reduce stress and tension that has built up in soft tissue. An imbalance in the tissue causes muscle tightness which can restrict your joint range of motion, power output, speed, and endurance.

Our therapists use targeted massage to effectively identify where your performance is being restricted and will provide treatment that helps stimulate blood flow and speeds up your recovery time.

Depending on your requirements, our knowledgeable Sports & Remedial Massage Therapists might apply a range of treatment techniques, including:

  • Deep Tissue Massage: This is the action of locking and stretching the tissues and muscles at all levels.
  • Sports Massage: Sports massage is a form of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit a person engaged in regular physical activity and/or a specific sport. Soft tissue is connective tissue that has not hardened into bone and cartilage; it includes skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia (a form of connective tissue that lines and sheathes the other soft tissues). Sports massage is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissue that are caused from repetitive and strenuous physical activity and trauma.
  • Dry Needling: Dry needling is a treatment that healthcare providers use for pain and movement issues associated with myofascial trigger points. With this technique, a provider inserts thin needles into or near your trigger points. The needles stimulate your muscles, which causes them to contract or twitch. This helps relieve pain and improve your range of motion.
  • Trigger Point Therapy: A soft tissue technique that works to release painful, tension in muscles and fascia that would usually experience as a “knot” in the muscle.
  • Laser Therapy: Laser therapy is a medical treatment that uses focused light to stimulate a process called photobiomodulation (PBM). During PBM. photons enter the tissue and interact with the cytochrome c complex within the mitochondria. The interaction triggers a biological cascade of events that leads to an increase in cellular metabolism, which can decrease pain and inflammation as well as accelerate the healing process.

For optimised health, strength, and performance, our sports massage service in Hamilton will ensure you’re always in peak physical condition. Contact our experienced team today to find out how we can help you.



Carey Giddens
Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist

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