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Prices Valid From: 15 January 2024

Services & Prices

Services & Prices

MassageRx pricing reflects both industry standard and the 20+ years of skills and experience that Carey brings to each session. If pricing creates a barrier to receiving treatment from Carey, please reach out and discuss this with Carey via email to Payment option may be available but are not guaranteed.

Please refer to the service explanations above to ensure you are choosing the right service for you. If you have any questions about which service might be right for you, please contact Carey via email or text to discuss.

Please note: All prices are GST inclusive.

Neuromuscular Therapy

*Up to

  • Up to 60min – $115 (New Client Initial Appointment)
  • Up to 45min – $86.25 (Follow Up Long Appointment)
  • Up to 30min – $57.50 (Follow Up Short Appointment)

Initial Appointments are for patients who have never been to Carey. Patients who haven’t seen Carey in over 6 months and for those patients that have a new injury/ailment that needs addressing. Carey will take a thorough history and create a treatment plan with you on how to move forward.

Follow Up Appointments are for those patients who have already created a treatment plan with Carey. These treatments are specific to your injury or maintenance.

Please contact Carey if you’re having trouble understanding what appointment may be best for you.

Sport & Remedial Massage

  • Up to 30min – $57.25
  • Up to 45min – $86.25
  • Up to 60min – $115.00

Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy is tailored specifically to you and your aches, pains and injuries and is targeted towards sporting performance. Carey will apply different pressures and employ different tools depending on your bodies needs.

*Cupping (Stand Alone Treatment)

  • Up to 30min – $57.25

*Dry Needling (Stand Alone Treatment)

  • Up to 30min – $57.25

*Laser Therapy (Stand Alone Treatment)

  • Up to 30min – $57.25
  • Up to 15min – $28.75

15min appointments are only suitable for single body sites. If multiple sites are needing treatment, please book a 30min appointment.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available on request. Please email Carey directly at with the following information included:

  • Person’s name (first and last name) to who will be receiving the voucher
  • Person’s contact phone number
  • Person’s email address
  • Who you want the voucher to be from?
  • What message would you like written on the voucher?

Carey will email you an invoice for the voucher which you will be able to pay via bank transfer. Once payment is received, the voucher will be emailed to you, or you can specify for the voucher recipient to get it emailed to them directly.

Cancellation Policy

Please understand that appointment times with Carey are limited. If you must cancel your appointment, I respectfully request 12 hours notice. Missed appointments or cancellations without 12 hours’ notice, will incur a fee of 50% and less than 5 hours 100% should these appointments remain unfilled.

Please note that multiple cancellations without adequate notice will result in a deposit before future appointments.

*”Up to” refers to what is needed during your appointment vs over treating the area solely to fill in time. *Cupping, laser therapy, and dry needling are extra tools that can be used during NMT treatments at no extra charge. Carey may have different reasoning for using or not using these extra tools during treatments. Giving Carey as much information as possible about the reason for your visit will allow him to help create the very best treatment plan you.

We realise that my prices may, at times, create a barrier to treatment for some. If you are in genuine hardship, please talk to me regarding exploring payment options. 


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