Shockwave Therapy

Acoustic energy waves for chronic injuries

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We at PerformanceRx believe so strongly in the effectiveness of Shockwave Therapy, that we’ve invested in our own machine and are currently the only Physio clinic in Hamilton who has one, so getting the treatment couldn’t be easier. If you’ve been suffering from a long term injury that hasn’t been responding to other treatments then Shockwave therapy could be just the solution for you.

So what is Shockwave Therapy? It’s a form of treatment that uses a small mobile machine which generates shockwaves and sends them directly into the body. The “shockwaves” are acoustic energy waves that carry high energy directly into the tissue of the injured area, promoting regeneration and repair.

Now don’t be put off by the name as Shockwave Therapy is a completely non-invasive, fast procedure (usually lasts around 10 minutes) that many patients say feels like small pulses or a tingling sensation on the skin.

So what can Shockwave Therapy be used to treat? The procedure is effective in treating a wide number of complaints. For issues with tendons, bones, muscles and tissue the therapy provides a beneficial solution. This form of therapy also benefits patients that are looking to avoid surgery or medication as it’s been proven to be a realistic alternative. With the high success rate, limited side-effects (only a slight risk of some redness or swelling) and fast results, Shockwave Therapy has become a highly popular form of treatment.

With numerous scientific studies and research published in recent years there’s a lot of evidence that shows the advantages of the treatment and how many patients have benefited from it. If you’d like more information and to see if Shockwave Therapy is suitable for you, please contact one of our physiotherapists today.

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